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Our cheese facility is in the heart of Morrisville, Vermont, in the old United Farmers Creamery building. Not only did we renovate the building, but we built our own cheese cave in the basement and continue to develop new recipes. As a 100% Vermont Farm Product, we wash and brush the rinds to keep them thin to ensure our product to be one hundred percent edible and offer a variety of cheeses for every occasion.


Our current recipes include...

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A washed rind cheese raw-milk recipe from the island of Corsica. The molds on the rind are typical of this French recipe that offers smooth and semi-soft texture with a nutty flavor. The rinds of this cheese are washed with local Vermont beers.

This cheese was a 2014 Yankee Magazine Top 4 winner and a 2011 American Cheese Society 2nd Place Winner!



This cheese is our premiere raw milk Havarti and is aged for three months in our caves. It features a full body flavor with buttery notes and is perfect for melted cheese on burgers and more.

This cheese was a 2015 ACS Winner!

Chin Clip


This raw milk recipe is from the mountains in the Austrian Alps, providing a fall season-flavor with a small local village flair. Aged four months, this natural rind cheese has complex flavors and pairs well with red wine.



This French Alpine cheese is aged five months in our caves. It boasts a high moisture content with a hint of salt at the finish. This cheese is perfect for fondues, pairing with white wine, or accompanying fruits and vegetables.

This cheese was a Silver medal winner at 2013 Eastern States Exposition!



This aged cow's milk Romano cheese has been rubbed with Lake Champlain Organic Cocoa and Olive Oil, giving it a distinct flavor as it ages for 8 to 14 months.

This cheese was a 2015 ACS Winner!

Tres Amigos


This cheese incorporates sundried tomatoes, garlic, and onions giving it a spicy flavor that lingers on the palette.



Our herb Havarti is seasoned with garlic, onion, parsley, celery, and chives.

Patrolman's Blues


This raw milk, blue-veined cheese is aged three months, giving it a pronounced and pungent flavor. Unique as a blue cheese, our recipe will ignite your senses with tastes and smells.



An Austrian Tomme recipe, this cheese is similar to our Chin Clip recipe but is distinct in its flavor and body. This cheese has been aged in our cheese cave for nine months. Being of higher moisture content, this cheese goes great with your favorite white wine.

Silver medal winner at the 2010 Eastern States Exposition.



Available only in the winter months, this Havarti recipe includes hot chilis. Featuring a smooth texture with added spice at the finish, this cheese pairs well with your favorite chili.

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