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Located in Morrisville, Mt. Mansfield Creamery has been rooted in Vermont for decades in the family of Stan Biasini and Debora Wickart.


The family farm of over 30 Holstein and Brown Swiss Cows produces milk that supports the St. Albans Cooperative. The family cows are raised with rotational grazing in the summer months and fed grain and hay during the winter for an authentic farmstead product.


With the creamery just four miles from the farm, all of the cheese produced at the creamery comes from our cows.


While Debora and the family tend to the farm and milk the cows, Stan, a graduate of Paul Smith's College, has put his chef days behind him to concentrate on unique cheese recipes that blend European traditions and Vermont flavors.

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730 Bliss Hill Road

Morrisville, VT 05661


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120 Pleasant St.

Morrisville, Vermont

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