Our Cheeses 

Year 'Round Cheese

A washed rind cheese, raw milk, recipe from the Island of Corsica. The molds on the rind are typical of this French recipe. Smooth and semi-soft texture with a nutty flavor. Many times washed with beer. A favorite cheese amongst beer lovers.

2014 Yankee Magazine top four New England cheeses.
2011 American Cheese Society second place winner, Farmstead Non-pasteurized Cow Milk Category.

A true raw milk Havarti, this Danish recipe is also a favorite of many cheese lovers. Cave-aged rind kept thin allows for the full bodied flavor of this cheese. Goes great on burgers or try it as your favorite fondue.

2015 American Cheese Society second place winner, Dutch category.

Chin Clip
This raw milk recipe is from the mountains in the Austrian Alps. A recipe used from a local village during the fall season. Complex flavors in this cheese are smooth and buttery! Don't forget your favorite red wine with this one. 

This French Alpine Cheese is a raw milk cheese aged for 5 months. High moisture French cheese with a hint of salt at the finish. Great for fondues. Silver medal winner at 2013 Eastern States Exposition.

Aged cows' milk Romano
rind are rubbed with Lake Champlain Organic Cocoa and Olive Oil, aged eight months. 

2015 American Cheese Society third place winner, American-made International recipe.

Seasonal Cheeses

Our herbed Havarti is seasoned with Garlic, Onion, Parsley, Celery and Chives.

Similar to our Chin Clip recipe, this cheese has been aged in our cheese cave for 6 months. Being of higher moisture content this cheese goes great with your favorite white wine.  Silver medal winner at the 2010 Eastern States Exposition.
(out of stock until April 2016)

Tres Amigos
This cheese incorporates sundried tomatoes, garlic and onions giving it a spicy flavor that lingers on the palate. 

Patrolmans Blues
This raw milk, blue veined cheese is aged 3 months giving it a pronounced, pungent flavor.

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